A RadioGrue is a Grue which appeared mysteriously around the world. It is said to have mystical abilities such as making people fall down for no reason.


The RadioGrue's origins is widely debated. Some say that the RadioGrue came from the Dumps in America where many broken radios lie, hence the name, but others say that it comes from Indonesia. After all, the RadioGrue is yellowish-Brown in colour - just like an Indonesian! Nobody will ever know...


As stated above, the Radiogrue has yellowish-brown "skin" - actually metal. The RadioGrue has a radio-shaped body, and has a long tail at the back. Some say that the tail is actually the antennae of the Radio. When asked, the RadioGrue declined to comment on it's appearance, politely eating up the journalist for being too nosy.

The RadioGrue is also known for its hard "skin". It allows the RadioGrue to endure sunlight as the metal skin reflects off the sunlight. The RadioGrue is one of the only Grues which can be in sunlight and survive.


The RadioGrue does not have any special powers other than politely using a knife to cut adventurers and then eating them, in a civilized form.