It is pitch black. You are likely to get eaten by a grue.

~ Zork
You are likely to get eaten by a grue
First Appeared in Zork
About Used when a player is about to get eaten by a grue

You are likely to be eaten by a grue or You are likely to get eaten by a grue is an infamous internet meme originating from the Zork series. In the Zork MuD, when a player sees the ominous sentence, the player knows trouble is coming. Grues are invincible and can only be weakened by the sword Grueslayer, the Frotz spell or when a player in Zeyond Zork who has advanced sufficiently in level and acquired certain items to boldly walk into the dark and kill grues that attack. An item required is the Pheehelm, which allows one to see grues' movement thelephatically.

If the player does not react to the statement by moving to light, where grues cannot go, he would be eaten by the grue. The only way to respond in usual grue games is to move to the light. Alternatively, if one is in "Zeyond Zork" or "sorcerer", you can either kill or stun grues.

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